School Overview

Established in 1979, East Beechboro Primary School is a highly respected school in the North Metropolitan Education Region. Our dedicated and professional staff work with a shared vision to establish a learning environment that provides a well-balanced education which maximises students’ emotional, social and academic outcomes.

The school delivers comprehensive educational programs designed to produce well-rounded  individuals who possess strong social and personal skills alongside their academic strengths. The programs reflect the importance of an          effective early childhood education and the need for all our students to master essential literacy and numeracy skills.  Professionals in associated fields of psychology, curriculum and visiting teacher services also provide valuable assistance in our endeavours to support the needs of all students.

The school provides specialist programs including, Languages (Indonesian), Music, Choir and Physical Education. Students identified as talented and gifted are given the opportunity to participate in a range of  extra-curricular activities and curriculum extension.

East Beechboro Primary School takes pride in its productive role in the local community. We welcome parental involvement and encourage parents to take an active role supporting the school by working collaboratively with a      shared vision of assisting our students to reach their potential.

We have a strong commitment to values and aspire to develop qualities that contribute to the growth of resilient students who are encouraged to actively demonstrate good citizenship and responsibility in their daily lives. East Beechboro Primary School uses the Virtues and Friendly Schools Plus programs as foundations for developing social and emotional learning.  The explicit teaching of values creates a happy, safe, inclusive and supportive learning environment for all our students.

Students are encouraged to engage in leadership positions to allow them to develop the essential knowledge, skills and values that enable them to make valuable contributions to the school and wider community. All our leaders serve as representatives of the student body and have a leadership tradition of quality and excellence.

East Beechboro Primary School achieved Independent status in 2011 and since this time, the success of our school has been acknowledged by the Department of Education in consecutive positive Independent Public School Reviews.







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